4 Sales Tricks to Avoid When Buying Electronics

Heading to the store is usually an easy process. You walk in, choose what you want, pay, and leave. However, shopping for electronics is far from easy. It takes time and even amounts of effort to choose what you want in terms of what features, add-ons, guarantees, and more. Not to mention, a number of sales pitches that are used to get you to buy things you really don’t need.


Here are 5 sales tricks to avoid when buying electronics.

“I just want you to know about that…”

This sales trick is often used on promotional products and discounted items. It is a classic sales trick that will often cause you to want to buy something more expensive that you originally planned. Be sure to do your research and be confident in what you are planning to purchase.

“There’s a better item here than this”

While looking at a product, the salesperson might mention another item that might be better than the item you chose. While this might sound helpful, it is also another upsell tactic that will berate the item you chose. Be sure to stick to self-control and rely on your budget in mind.

“You can always pay monthly”

One sales trick that leads buyers to the dark side is the sweet option of monthly payments. If someone is hesitant to buy something out of their range, the salesperson will try to convince them to deal with credit card financing instead. In most cases, there is no reason to finance an item at an electronics store. It will even cost you more than what you’ve bargained for.

“You will also need to buy…”

Even after you’ve made your purchase, you might even be told to buy some accessories that will be required for your item such as cables, controllers, lenses, etc. This is giving the salesperson time to offer the extras you think you need.


These sales tactics are used on a daily basis, so don’t be surprised when the assistant approaches you with them. It is best to walk in the store and know exactly what you want to purchase and what you need.